Sony is working with U.K. retailer GAME to determine that region’s cover art for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Of the 10 candidates in the running for the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale cover, there will be five winners.

Fans can vote for Heihachi Mishima, Sackboy, Radec, Ratchet & Clank, Parappa the Rappa, Kratos, Jak & Daxter, Nathan Drake, Big Daddy or Cole McGrath by “liking” the appropriate photo of the character they like best. The five characters with the most votes will become the cover stars available exclusively to GAME pre-order customers.

So far, the voting shows a heavy preference for Sony mascot characters, with Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Jak & Daxter, Cole McGrath and Ratchet & Clank in the top five slots.