Quantic Dream’s David Cage is still not talking what his company is doing next. Whatever it is, though, he indicates that it will be with Sony and not a multiplatform title.

“We have an exclusive relationship with Sony,” said Cage. “The relationship on Heavy Rain has been fantastic. They trusted us from day one, supported us all the way through. It was really a very risky project [for them] and they never let us down. Being a part of a company with what are probably the best studios in the world is something really pleasant for us. We’re happy to continue this relationship and create content for the PlayStation brand. But they fund our projects, so we’re staying exclusive to PlayStation.

“We talk to Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Guerrilla, Media Molecule – all these great studios,” he added. “We talk about technology, best practice, how we do things – we share experience and expertise. I think that’s of real value for everybody.”

Source: CVG