Open Source Virtual Reality, a content accelerator program led by Razer, is designed to support the vastly developing VR community.

With that mission fully in mind, Razer announced a $5 million developer fund to bring more VR content into the ecosystem, as well as the release of their second installment of the Hacker Development Kit, at E3 this year.

“VR is working toward being a mainstream success thanks to all the developers who have stepped up to the plate to deliver the next-generation in interactive experiences,” says Chris Mitchell, the virtual reality lead at Razer. “The OSVR Developer Fund allows us to directly support the efforts of VR pioneers across the breadth of this developing industry, while at the same time ensuring that content is available to everyone in the industry. It is our contention that if everyone who is constructively contributing to the VR ecosystem succeeds, then VR will succeed. Closed doors in the world of development are a death sentence.”

Justin Cooney, Razer’s director of developer relations for OSVR, added: “We understand content developers have various development challenges and we’re committed to helping them get ahead of those barriers. The OSVR Developer Fund helps to support initial sales while enabling developers to contribute to the VR industry as a whole. Together, OSVR and its content partners enjoy the realization of a shared vision for the future of VR.”

[a]listdaily caught up with Mitchell (video above) to discuss how they’re enabling content creators, and how non-endemic brands can get involved with virtual reality and eSports verticals.