Red Bull recently launched an ad program through Xbox Live that features the “World of Red Bull” through a series of engaging sports shorts, including Flugtag.  Offering an exclusive ad program through a game console may have seemed like a gamble, but so far, it has paid off.

According to a representative from BrightLine, the campaign has done rather well with the ads scoring 14 minutes of consumer engagement on average. These are through video banners that greet Xbox Live players upon starting up their system and entering the marketplace, which is featured right on the main menu. Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, among others, are featured in the ads.

BrightLine founder Rob Aksman stated that the results “are a testament to how consumers want to actively interact and engage with brands on their televisions.”

The campaign, which began in May, is set to run on Xbox Live indefinitely, andmay be seen on the Xbox One consoles as well, when they launch this fall.

Source: AdWeek