Well, that didn’t take long. It was just in July of this year that Rocket League launched on PC and PS4, and the game notched five million downloads by the end of that month. In August, we found out the game had sold one million copies on Steam. The game has been a hit on Twitch, becoming the fifth-most-watched game on the streaming service. Now Psyonix is looking at offers to make the game into a film or possibly a television show, according to MCV.

Psyonix marketing and communications V.P. Jeremy Dunham told MCV that Psyonix has been approached by a number of companies and individuals about the possibility of bringing the excitement of Rocket League to a different sort of screen. There’s also talk about toys based on the game, which seems like a natural extension.

“We’ve had discussions with various people and studios in Hollywood about making movies based on Rocket League, or a TV show,” Dunham said. “We’ve had people come our way with possible toy deals and lots of cross-promotions outside of our game, some of which we have already done. Now we are getting to the point where the people who want to work with us are much much more famous. It’s crazy. The meetings that I have with new companies who I didn’t realize were Rocket League players it blows my mind. They’re still playing the game and are still interested in it. It makes us almost speechless, we’re wondering when it’s going to end.”

He continued: “There are many studios, agencies, creative people, directors and writers all from different places and saying this is something that could be really cool. Part of that process is wading through those kinds of things, finding out how many of them are legitimate or have the passion and then also weighing the idea of the game itself, about whether doing something like that would make the game better or worse. Right now it’s just at the discussion phase.”

It certainly seems like Rocket League is racing forward, and this expression of interest is another strong sign. Psyonix should take advantage of all the attention to keep the game’s momentum high as it. . . rockets upward in popularity. Will it come down to earth any time soon With luck and some savvy deals, Rocket League may well reach a sustainable orbit as a very successful game.