RockYou has announced that they are publishing the second game from developer Loot Drop. They will publish the first game from Loot Drop (founded by John Romero and Brenda Brathwaite) called Cloudforest Expedition during Summer 2011.

“We’ve been collaborating closely with Loot Drop, and their progress on Cloudforest Expedition is blowing us away,” said Jonathan Knight, SVP of Games at RockYou. “Loot Drop is a natural fit with our design-driven studio culture and with our commitment to developing and publishing the best social games in the world. With Romero, Brenda Brathwaite, and a full roster of veteran developers, their team continues to exceed expectations. We’re honored to be working with them and look forward to adding two Loot Drop titles to the RockYou portfolio!”

“Since we signed our initial deal in January, RockYou has been an awesome partner. They support our creative freedom as we bring innovation to the story-driven adventure genre with Cloudforest Expedition,” said John Romero. Extending the relationship with a second game makes sense, and we re excited to reveal more details of our projects.”