Wireless router maker D-Link has joined forces with eSports team Evil Geniuses to launch the Star Craft II League’s Season One Tournament. The tournament will take place over two months and feature eight of the West’s top teams fighting it out to earn a place at the Dreamhack tournament in Bucharest, Romania this September.

The prize pool for Dreamhack stands at $10,000, but D-Link has stated that they will add $10 to the prize pool for every D-Link Gaming Router (DGL-5500) tournament viewers pre-order at Newegg.com by using the code DLNKGAME5.

“As players formulate their winning strategies in epic StarCraft battles, network connectivity and lag-free performance are critical to maintaining a competitive advantage,” noted Daniel Kelley, VP of marketing for D-Link.

The growth of eSports has made sponsorships an excellent promotional opportunity, and one that D-Link is connecting to directly with its router aimed at hard-core gamers.  We’ll be watching to see if the Newegg.com cross-promotion boosts direct sales for D-Link.

Source: D-Link press release