Shack News lists this week s videogame releases.

This week s headliner is Sega’s Alien vs. Predator, yet another title in the promiscuous entertainment license that has had previous publishers EA, Sierra and Fox bringing it to all manner of platforms.  Sega tries to reinvigorate the franchise with a seemingly well-budgeted action title for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.  Other notable releases are sequels and expansions, with Nintendo DS getting a new entry in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series from Capcom, PC getting Everquest II: Sentinel’s Fate Expansion from Sony Online, and PSP getting another SOCOM from Sony.  Honorable mention goes to Majesco for gathering 15 arcade games from Data East for a Nintendo Wii compilation, with such classics as Burger Time, Bad Dudes, and Caveman Ninja.

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