When you think of Shazam, you usually associate the app with the nifty utility of being able to identify whatever song is playing at the bar. Lately, Shazam has been making the moves into video after its recent hire of former Hulu executive Patricia Parra. First it was TV, as Shazam went after making advertising pacts with A&E, AMC and more. Now, Shazam is looking to the movies.

Partering with National CineMedia, Shazam will be able to have users of their app access content which will go along with the pre-show reel, beginning with AEG Live.

“We’re thrilled to add cinema to our growing list of audio-recognition capabilities including music, television, advertising and radio, and we look forward to introducing even more innovations to Shazam at the movies,” Shazam chief product officer Daniel Danker said to Variety.

It will be interesting to see how brands might use this integration to make their movie ads more interactive as people sit idly in their chairs as they wait for their movie to begin.