Amazon is just about ready to move the free-to-play monetization market to the next level.

A new program called Mobile App Associates API will tie in purchases through any given Android app store through the Amazon Marketplace. This will allow users to buy things without having to leave their game. These Associates would benefit from more sales of items, while earning a 6 percent referral fee as part of the transaction.

Though some may be bothered by in-game ads, others will take benefit of items tied in with the game, such as Minecraft goods from Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Additionally, could tie virtual item access to purchase of physical goods – for instance, if you buy a hat from Amazon using this program the game gives a digital version of that hat for your character.

Only Android developers can take advantage at the moment, but it’s possible Amazon could find a way to spread to different app servers in the future. The program does work across all Android markets, and not just Amazon’s app store.

Source: Wired