From Dread Central:

Here at Dread we’re absolute suckers for haunted mazes and attractions. Last year we saw more than our share of badass parks from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights to Knott’s Scary Farm…but one of the stand-outs was Jeff Schiefelbein’s jaw-dropping “SAW: The Haunted Attraction” in Orange County, CA.

Universal has since snatched up the SAW universe for its annual Horror Nights, but Scheifelbein has done something even cooler: He’s partnered with Konami to create “Sinister Pointe” – a new haunted attraction featuring several new mazes including one based on (are you ready for this ) the Silent Hill universe!

We really love the idea of an actual real world representation of one of th emost immersive video game series, and while we didn t see the Saw attraction they re talking about, it will be fun to see how this one turns out.

Even if it seems a bit small, Konami is really getting to a core horror demographic with this one, and we love it.