Tanya Valdez this Christmas helped create a Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas tree to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the character. The design is of even more special significance to her, because of a connection to her now departed father.

“This tree is also very special because my dad came to visit us Sunday evening, as we were working on the tree,” said Valdez. “It was nice to be able to work on Sonic Christmas ornaments and chat with my parents. I know Tito was very proud of the tree and one of the last things my dad said, as he left our house was, ‘That’s one heck of a tree. Now, if he could only do Mickey Mouse.’ We found that very humorous because, although my father is the one that got me into gaming, he doesn’t know a lot of video game characters. He passed away the next morning. Without getting too deep into the story, this should convey how special this tree is.”

Source: 8bitfix.com