You don’t have to look any further for how seriously the AAA game industry is taking cloud gaming in than the fact that Sony purchased Gaikai. Gaikai creator David Perry believes that the new Sony-owned Gaikai will be good for the industry and open a lot of doors.

“It’s going to make the publishers very happy, because the publishers like PC, but they love console. The message I kept getting back was, PC is cool, but I wish you could do this with console. That’s the real meat in our business. That would be really good,” says Perry. “Of course, we had to go, look at this new PC stuff we have. We had to keep avoiding the console question. It’s a very difficult question. If you look at the P&Ls of the publishers, that’s such an important piece of their business. We were like, don’t look over there. Focus on the PC. But the console question never went away. I had a major publisher recently say to me: ‘David, just to be clear, the iPhone is interesting to us. Not as interesting as console. PC Not as interesting as console. Just to be clear.'”

“The second thing they said was, if we’re going to put our biggest games on your service, I’ve got to know you’re going to have the financial muscle to support it,” he noted. “When you’re a start-up, it’s harder to answer that question. But when you’ve got Sony behind you, it’s very easy to answer that question. There are multiple things that have been solved in a single deal. It’s quite surprising.”

Now that Gaikai is aligned with Sony, it solves problems related to the console and also having and controller on hand. It means that Perry will have to think about a new set of problems.

“We were doing it the way you do it if you’re a VC. I have to start thinking differently now because I have one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world in our corner. So you have to think differently,” said Perry. “It’s going to open a lot of doors that just weren’t open before.”

Source: Eurogamer