A survey by Q Interactive and Engage Expo on women’s videogame habits has found most play games, yet some admit to being wary about it.  As reported in CNET, the firms ran a survey of 700 women and found that 54 percent play social games daily, and among them 42 percent consider themselves gamers.   More than a quarter said they felt it was okay to play games more than six hours per week.  Yet for some, any playing they do is under the radar.  CNET points to a surprising finding from the survey that about 16 percent, or nearly one in six, said they hide or sometimes hide their game playing.  Women also shunned gaming in the office, with only about seven percent admitting to sneaking in games while at work.  The firms also pinpointed mothers in the survey to ask about how they monitor their children s videogame habits.  They found that 40 percent let their children play games daily, while 37 percent do so weekly.  Read more at CNET.