When it comes to receiving content on tablet devices, things could be picking up for consumers, according to a new report from Deloitte.

The company’s eighth annual Digital Democracy Survey indicates changes in the market, with 37 percent of U.S. consumers becoming “digital omnivores.” With this term, it means that they own various pieces of technology under the same roof, including a laptop computer, tablet and smartphone. This is a growth of approximately 42 percent over the previous year’s numbers.

In addition, streaming content on tablets alone has picked up significantly, doubling in the past year from 17 to 32 percent. Consuming programming also plays a big part in that, especially across multiple devices like the ones listed above.

“At least for now, the tablet is not being viewed as a replacement for a laptop, but rather for its own distinctive uses,” said Deloitte’s U.S. media and entertainment sector leader, Gerald Belson. “The primary uses are around watching video, as well as Internet activity and games.”

“This is the first year that consumers have started to decouple the notion that content from a particular source (must be viewed on) a different device,” he continued. “In today’s world, consumers make a conscious choice that they can watch whatever content on whatever device they want to watch it.”

Source: Mediapost