Everyone wants a piece of the eSports game these days even ESPN, a stagnant holdout for the longest time, aired an event earlier this year, Heroes of the Dorm. Now, Turner Broadcasting is getting in on the action.

Per a report from Variety, TBS will soon become the home for Counter-Strike eSports match-ups, as the Ted Turner-owned station has teamed up with talent agency WME/IMG to build a new eSports league. With that, TBS will soon have weekly tournaments devoted to the popular Valve-produced shooter for all to see.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the company’s latest build on the series, will be the featured title for the league, and TBS already plans to show 20 events that will be shot in front of a live audience. The first event is set to broadcast sometime next year, with continued competitive tournaments over the next ten weeks. Extra matches will also air during each tournament week, along with profiles on the individual players, according to the deal.

“This is a way to bring eSports to light and the 90 million homes TBS is in,” said Turner Sports president Lenny Daniels, speaking with Variety.

Tobias Sherman, the head of eSports division for WME/IMG, shared Daniels’ enthusiasm. “It’s my firm belief that there are many eSports fans who don’t know they’re eSports fans yet. Hell, I was one,” he explained

This is the latest move by WME/IMG to move into the eSports game, as it previously acquired a number of pro gamers from Global eSports Management. There’s no word yet if these specific players will be involved with the tournament, but Sherman assured that various competitors would be picked, whether they’re part of that team or not.

More details on the deal are expected to be announced sometime later this year. For now, this is big news on the eSports front and who knows, it could lead to additional broadcasts of tournaments, maybe even on a weekly basis. Imagine a League of Legends weekly series. That would probably get a ton of attention with the right source.