In March 2014, Electronic Arts introduced a fun new multiplayer franchise, Titanfall. With it, players could battle each other on wall-running foot or in giant robotic suits called Titans, which are armed killer weaponry. The game was a big success, and marketing worked well, including the release of separate figures and other items.

Fans have been wondering about the potential sequel. However, it appears that EA could be pushing for a huge Q4 2016 release for the game, which will not only come to Xbox One and PC (the platforms the original title released for), but also PlayStation 4.

Earlier this week, speaking with Forbes, the game’s writer confirmed that the sequel is not only in the works, but that it will feature a single player campaign, which was a feature left out of the first game. However, these subtle changes to the sequel are just the beginning.

It appears that Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind the franchise, may be looking into a companion TV series to accompany the game’s release. These plans were made before with the original title, but never came into fruition. However, considering the game’s massive success, Respawn could easily make it happen this time around.

Additionally, in a press release seen by Polygon, McFarlane Toys is set to produce Titanfall action figures, similar in nature to the ones that came out for the previous game. “This is a perfect fit,” said Todd McFarlane, owner and CEO of the company. “McFarlane (Toys) was created so I could make cool stuff just like this. Without saying too much about the new game…you’re not going to believe where we can take this.” The toys, which will measure 7-inches tall and feature a collector’s box, are expected to arrive around the same time as the game, during Q4 2016.

While EA hasn’t yet given details on a release date, it would no doubt add to the company’s impressive slate for the year, which includes titles like Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, EA Sports UFC 2, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Mass Effect: Andromeda and forthcoming entries in the Battlefield, Madden and FIFA franchises, among others.

We’ll more than likely know more about Titanfall 2‘s release date during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where the company is set to host EA Play, an event devoted to its fanbase at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.