Video game marketing has changed quite a bit over the years, as evidently proved by Activision’s promotional push behind the recently released Destiny, complete with an impressive live action trailer. Now, Twitter UK’s Samir Bhana believes that, when it comes to selling games, the social site can actually play a huge part.

Talking at the Games Retail 2020 event yesterday, Bhana explained his belief that Twitter is a site that’s driven by the events that happen in the now, and that includes appealing to consumers looking for particular game products.

80 percent of Twitter traffic comes from mobile devices, according to Bhana, as the average user unlocks their phone an estimated 110 times a day to check their statuses. As a result, over a billion moments for companies to engage with users occur every two days. That’s quite a bit.

On top of that, 61 percent of Twitter users engage in games to some degree, making it the most popular hobby across the site’s entire audience. Social networks followed in second place with a close 59 percent, and entertainment was in a somewhat distant third at 40 percent.

To demonstrate the popularity of Twitter with hot trends, Bhana then showed a video of the World Cup penalty shootout between Brazil and Chile from earlier in the year, with real-time reactions from users as the game took place.

Speaking of sports, Electronic Arts has already jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, as it will use Twitter to align its soccer brand FIFA 15 with new developments throughout the real soccer season.

No doubt other companies may show interest in such a formula, as Twitter’s wide base of followers, interests, and overall user base follow a specific style of marketing. Through its program, companies can launch “non-obtrusive ads” through promoted tweets, trends and users, allowing three ads at any one time on a user’s Twitter account. In addition, the company wants to test a “buy” card that lets users click on tweets and be taken right to a purchase screen for a product.

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Source: MCV UK