Valve, a company that’s waist deep in new hardware these days between its Steam Machines consoles and its touch-pad controller, isn’t quite done yet. It’s just announced that it will show off a new virtual reality headset prototype to potential developers at a private event in January.

During the Steam Developer Days event, users will be able to check it out and hear the company’s Michael Abrash talk about the tech in a presentation called “What VR Could, Should and Almost Certainly Will Be Within Two Years.”

According to the event description, the publisher has “figured out what affordable Virtual Reality (VR) hardware will be capable of within a couple of years, and assembled a prototype which demonstrates that such VR hardware is capable of stunning experiences. This type of hardware is almost certainly going to appear in short order, and the time to start developing for it is now. This talk will discuss what the hardware is like, and the kinds of experiences it makes possible.”

A “few attendees” will be able to check out the headset following the presentation.

Source: IGN