It’s funny how some things from the past can come back in today’s world and serve a completely different purpose. That’s exactly what’s happening with Dungeons & Dragons, the original roleplaying game that created the genre back in 1974. The DDB ad agency has come up with a way to educate people on web design and application by using the classic RPG.

Vincent Higgins, DDB’s executive director for UX, states in the video how “Dungeons & Dragons taught me everything about user experience design.” He became “heavily involved” with the game growing up, and now he feels that the mechanics and methods used in the game can be a useful way to guide decisions on website design.

Tyler Wilson, one of DDB’s senior planners, was a little confused at first, but soon came around. “What we love about the map is that you take the same principles of building a dungeon and actually apply it to the classic logic map,” he stated.

Don’t worry – multisided dice still play a huge part in this process. “Dice gives you two things: variability and probability,” said Wilson. “When we look at a consumer journey, there are probabilities built into what they’re going to do, but those probabilities are not absolute.”

Source: BusinessWeek