From IndustryGamers:

EA Sports’ latest Madden was easily the best selling title for the month of August, racking up close to 2 million unit sales across its five SKUs. The Wii SKU, however, which EA put extra effort into redesigning with an all-new visual style and other Wii-specific features, only managed to sell 67K copies, The NPD Group has told IndustryGamers.

EA has worked hard to bring Madden to the Nintendo Wii a couple of times, but only to very mild success. This is a testament that, just because a brand is as impactful as Madden on other systems, selling 2 million to the hardcore, being the console market leader means very little when the demographics are so different.

Our advice is to stick to marketing and developing EA Sports Fitness and forget Madden, at least on Nintendo Wii.