Ever since Will Wright left Electronic Arts to work full-time on his studio Stupid Fun Club, people have wondered exactly what the game design mastermind has been up to. Wright’s openly talked before about his interest in robotics and the convergence of web, TV, toys and video games, but full details on his projects have never been revealed. And while those details are still forthcoming, IGN does reportedly have the first bit of concrete information on Wright’s next creation:  it’s a TV show called The Creation Project.

The show teams Wright with producer Albie Hecht, former president of Spike TV and Nickelodeon, and will leverage audience participation. “In essence, The Creation Project is a TV series about the creation of a TV series. What we’ve seen suggests users will submit story ideas online and via mobile devices. This will lead to the users than discussing the submissions and voting for their favorite. Finally, the winning storyline is actually produced and will air as two half hour episodes,” IGN wrote.