Despite Microsoft’s insistence that Kinect is going to turn the Xbox 360 into a 10-year console, chatter regarding the company’s next Xbox is beginning to heat up. Develop is reporting that a very early version of the hardware has already been distributed to EA, and that the console is being targeted for a Q4 2012 release. Could we see new hardware from both Nintendo and Microsoft at E3 this year

“The successor to the Xbox 360 console is on desks at an unnamed Electronic Arts studio, Develop understands.

The new hardware, sent to EA last month, is a very early build with no casing it is in fact being stored inside a PC shell.

[Develop’s] source believed, but did not have certain information, that the new Xbox would launch by the end of 2012. The individual expects an announcement will be made, at least in some form, at E3.”

For what it is worth, EA has denied the reports.

Source: Develop