In an effort to clear up some questions by would-be buyers – and continue the hype surrounding it – Microsoft unveiled a new unboxing video for its Xbox One next-generation game console today. Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, one of the Xbox community’s highly visible leaders, shows off what all comes with the system…and you might be surprised by some of its features.

Along with a fancy sticker – gotta love stickers! – the system will also come with a small wired headset, a nice surprise for those who were fearing that it had to be bought separately. Xbox One will also mark the first time since the Wii U that a game system will come packaged with an HDMI cable – a 4K compatible one, at that.

Other basic inclusions for the system include the main console, the Kinect motion-reading device, and the wireless controller. The video also shows the connections that you can make with the console, including an HDMI out port for cable boxes and satellites, and more. The Xbox One arrives in stores this November – check out what it will include!