The Xbox One launch at Milk Studios was set up like a huge party last night, just south of the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Lucky gamers attending were ushered into the studios with much fanfare along with cheers, plastic lightup cheer sticks thundering and cameras flashing. The event was a good melding of focusing on the real stars of the night — the games and their enabler, the Xbox One.

The party atmosphere was sustained with a few bars and a hotly anticipated performance by Deadmau5. The event attracted some big celebrity gamers as well as Snoop Dogg, now Snoop Lion, and Donald Faison, of ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Clueless.’

Upon entering the main room of the event, we were greeted with the host of the night, decked out with Turtle Beach’s ‘Seven Series’ headphones and enough bottles of hand sanitizer to carpet the floor– you can never be too careful this time of year.

Everyone heads toward the launch title they were most eager to try out before buying, and they were well represented here. Games were divided into huge swaths of sections and one only had to meander around a bit to find the title you were looking for. Attendees were encouraged to try at least 3 games and receive stamps to be eligible for a contest for some of these games.

It wasn’t all games, however. Forza brought in a few cars costing about as much as two very expensive houses.

In gallery cases next to the Forza Motorsport 5 cars were an array of beautifully decorated controllers, presumably part of the Xbox One’s Wireless Controller Design Contest. Some were decorated cartoonishly, some elaborately, and one even was outfitted with a tortoise-like shell and dubbed the “Primordial Controller.”

Also in attendance were representatives from Best Buy, pictured here getting ready for the undoubtedly crazy night.

Overhead was a ominous net of balloons just waiting for the big balloon drop of the night to cap off one of the biggest nights in gaming.