YouNow’s network shouldn’t be confused with what Facebook and YouTube are doing with their video services. Instead, it concentrates more on a simple live-streaming service, and encourages its users to interact with their audiences as a result. And now, it’s got a financial boost that will certainly help it along.

Re/Code recently reported that the New York-based YouNow  service has managed to raise an additional $15 million in its latest funding round, led by Venrock, Oren Zeev, Comcast Ventures and long-time investor Union Square Ventures.

As a result, according to YouNow CEO Adi Sideman, the company has now managed to raise $30 million since 2011. While an exact total of fundraising hasn’t been given, it’s estimated to be around $150 million.

Sideman also didn’t discuss how many users the service had, but he did note that it generates “significant more than” 100 million user sessions per month, a rise from the previously reported 90 million in September 2014.

The company follows a different business strategy for revenue. Instead of relying on advertisers or asking its users to pay for a subscription, it instead offers virtual gifts, which users can provide to the performers at hand. As a result, some performers also get some of this money as well which is prompting a few YouTube users to give it a try, to see how they’ll fare.

Venrock’s David Pakman believes this is a sound business development, as it doesn’t have to really change its format based on advertising plans from big companies. “You effectively have a native business model,” he stated. “It doesn’t ruin the experience, it’s part of the experience.”

It also means that the company can maintain a stable audience without having to gun for a first place lead which takes a lot of pressure of trying to keep up with the competition. “This can be very economically successful at relatively low user numbers,” Pakman added.

We’ll see just how well they fare as their numbers continue to rise in 2016. Maybe it’ll attract even more YouTube and other streaming stars as well, just to see how far their interaction with fans and their fanbase in general can expand.