A recently analysis provided by Jefferies indicates that YouTube is reaching a value right at $40 billion – a far bigger number than most given social networks, including Twitter. Marketers have flocked to the channel as a result, with more and more ads joining the network. However, it’s not the only game in town.

A July 2014 poll by Demand Metric (alongside Metric2) indicates that responses from marketing professionals in the U.S. indicate that hosting video through websites and external sites provides great strategy. And this doesn’t just include YouTube, as Vimeo was also mentioned as a premiere business partner.

YouTube-hosted videos continue to show a bigger percentage over self-hosted video sites, at 43 percent compared to 11 percent. However, the two host types that utilize video indicate that 46 percent of marketers actually use a combination of their sites and external platforms for video content, in an effort to “optimize benefits.”

A combined future for digital video marketing, where both sources are used, isn’t out of the question. Out of respondents polled, nearly two thirds believe that a combination between external and internal posting is quite effective, compared to a smaller 23 percent for external platforms and 14 percent for internal.

The combination really adds up, as nearly 60 percent of marketing professionals feel that it’s vital to have a brand-controlled video-sharing channel, one that keeps visitors’ information secure. These owned platforms can actually increase data gathering from audiences as well, making them important. 65 percent of those polled believe this is the case, stating that the value of video viewing data provides a number of startling sales funnel leads, and opens the door to more possibilities for partnerships and increased video output. And in this case, the more quality videos, the better.

What do you think Would you prefer YouTube for your advertising needs, or something more internal

Source: eMarketer