By Sahil Patel

Adam Montoya, a prominent gaming creator on YouTube who goes by the name of SeaNanners (4.9 million subscribers), has formed a new multi-channel network that he claims will do things differently.

Called Jetpak, the focus of the MCN is to provide the same type of services to creators that other networks on YouTube claim to, but without all of the “one-sided” terms that favor the MCN more than the creator.

Specifically, Jetpak says it will be different in three ways: Instead of revenue-sharing arrangements based on the size of a creator’s audience, all deals with Jetpak will be based on the flat rates of any of the services the creator signs up for; all those deals will also be available on a non-exclusive, month-to-month basis, rather than exclusive multi-year contracts; and Jetpak promises to be fully transparent about the revenue a creator’s channel is generating, and the amount it collects.

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