College students will pay attention to ads, provided that they’re targeted for their demographic. A new study by Fluent shows how the relevancy of content and the social platform in which it is places impacts their interest level. Out of the students ages 17 to 24 polled, more than half indicated that they wanted to click on a Facebook ad because it’s something that relates to them. Of all social platforms mentioned in the poll, Facebook scored high marks. YouTube was second to Facebook in terms of ad relevancy, but scored the highest with engaging and fun branded content.

It is clear how important ad relevancy and targeting is to reach younger consumers as those polled cited ads containing “something I need or care about” to be the strongest reason to click. Marketers should also note that the least impactful social ads for the group were ones featuring celebrities.


However, ad targeting isn’t just top-of-mind for millennials, either. In fact, both millennials and Gen X audiences alike are more likely to click on ads aimed specifically to their age group.

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A report from eMarketer explains that about 37 percent of millennials said they would be more open to clicking on an ad with content that better relates to them, with 34 percent stating that they would even buy a product from a brand that makes effective use of targeting them.

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