Pratfalls, blunders and slip-ups won’t just be relegated to TV anymore.

America’s Funniest Home Videos, the popular weekly show that features a number of sent-in clips featuring various blunders and goofs, will be taking to YouTube soon, with ABC teaming up with Disney’s Maker Studios to produce original web content for it.

As part of the forthcoming service, a new show called ShayFV will be introduced, a weekly 17-episode series that will feature YouTube sensation Shay “Shay Carl” Butler. In addition, a segment called AFV Do Overs will feature comedians like Jason Horton, Ceciley Jenkins and Ed Bassmaster re-enacting certain moments from the show, which will air a week on TV before making its debut on the YouTube channel.

The deal is inked specifically between Maker Studios and AFHV producer Vin Di Bona Productions. As a result, the AFHV brand will be part of the channel, and content will be uploaded to the Google-related site after airing on the show.

The new AFHV will also be a portal for other YouTube stars, including the likes of Sam Macaroni, Barely Political, Edward Vilderama, Very Good Listeners’ Brian Morgan and Brooke “Dodger” Lawson, and others, who will appear regularly in the series.

“I never could have imagined, when I first pitched this idea in 1989, that using viewer-generated content to entertain families would become the phenomenon it is today,” AFHV creator Vin Di Bona said in a statement. “Our relationship with Shay Carl and YouTube’s talented roster of comedians is the perfect extension of the AFHV brand as we continue our quest to engage a new generation of ‘AFV’ fans and develop memorable destinations for every platform for audiences who love to laugh.”

Shay Carl also believes the show was a great influence on him. “If it wasn’t for AFHV, I may have never posted that first video of me dancing in a unitard,” he said.

This opens up a new avenue for the show, which is considered the longest-running primetime entertainment show in the history of ABC. Hopefully, it’ll help the YouTube audience shine as well – without doing anything too embarrassing.

Source: Variety