They’re calling it #BendGate. When a SquareSpace sponsored video was uploaded to YouTube just 2 days ago showing that the new IPhone 6 Plus could be easily bent with your bare hands, showing that the rumors swirling around about the phone getting bent in pockets was true, the video quickly went viral.

Now the video stands at over 22 million views, and brands other than SquareSpace are seizing the opportunity to participate. Moreover, they’re doing it in some exceptionally creative ways via Twitter and it’s doing wonders for engagement. We’ve gathered some highlights from #BendGate tweets below.

KitKat took it to the next level in introducing a Tumblr on the subject since the candy’s branding is so closely aligned with #BendGate. This is real-time marketing at its finest: Bend Or #Break

On top of that, Conan has begun to poke fun at Samsung poking fun at Apple.

Now Apple and Spider-Man have something in common.