Microsoft is no stranger to getting its players to dance along with its rhythms, as it’s previously shown with its Dance Central games on Xbox 360, as well as the just-released Dance Central Spotlight for Xbox One. However, with the recent debut of the Cube, it’s taking that experimentation to the next level.

The company has partnered with digital design firm Stimulant to create a new project for Seattle’s recent Decibel Festival, known as the Cube. With it, users can dance in front of large digital displays, using creative composition and interactive art to build a new sense of interactivity with other users. By displaying user’s avatars on separate screens, players can dance together through flowing digital ribbons, seeing their on-screen characters mimic their every action.

Making its debut at the EMP Museum during the Decibel Festival, the Cube, powered by five computers, utilizes senor data from four Kinect devices that are placed inside – the same devices that were sold with Xbox One units over the past year.

With the Cube, players can get a whole new dance experience, with their individual moves captured into flowing and twisting virtual shapes, creating a surreal experience in the process, rather than just dancing along with an on-screen performers like with the Dance Central games. The Cube is also virtually holographic, enabling players to see what others are doing, with the Kinect devices tracking each one individually for utmost accuracy.

With the 3D object, a virtual space is created, encouraging better real-life interaction between the dancing partners. Onlookers can get a lot out of it as well, a virtual light show that may even encourage them to take part in the dancing action.

There’s no word yet if Microsoft will inhabit this technology for future Xbox One projects, but, for now, the Cube is likely to make a few more tour stops to show people the power of the Kinect – and the technology built by Stimulant. You can check out more of it in action in the video below.