Between The Game Awards and the Playstation Experience, this has been an excellent week for video game trailers. While there was more than plenty for the entire gaming community to enjoy and obsess over, here are the few that stand above the rest:

No Man’s Sky – PSX and Game Award Trailers


No Man’s Sky is a giant mystery… literally. We get two more looks into the ever-expanding universe ripe with planets and species (and AT-ATs ) to discover. Even the developers don’t know exactly how expansive their universe is, but these trailers sure do make me want to explore as much as I can.

Landing on an undiscovered planet for the first time and touching the ground knowing that you are the first to do so feels like an emotional moment that will be worth repeating. Sometimes the best way to brand a game’s feel is to simply show it off.

Drakes Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – PSX Gameplay Trailer


Fifteen minutes of Nathan Drake doing his Nathan Drake thing on the PS4. Need we say more 2.4 million youtube hits in three days on the Playstation channel alone can’t be wrong.

Oh, and watch until the very end. It’s a family affair now.

Until Dawn – The Game Awards World Premier


Until Dawn came screaming onto the Game Awards stage to scare the pants off of audience members and sorority sisters alike. Toting gesture controls and a masked man that gives us horrible Saw flashbacks, this is a survival-horror scenario that feels unique among the many familiar IP’s. Any piece that can make the chest seize up in anxiety is the mark of an effective trailer.

Before – The Game Awards World Premier


Imagine having a pristine, untouched Earth. Imagine having to hunt and forage in order to ensure yours and your family’s survival. You’re not worried about the traffic to work, rather you continue to think about how long you have until the weather threatens to freeze you solid Before looks to ask those questions and more, and offers a beautifully cell-shaded pre-historic world to explore while answering them.

Street Fighter V – PSX Reveal Trailer


Produced by our team here at Ayzenberg, PSX gave its fans the greatest treat of all: A Street Fighter exclusive to just PS4 and PC users. Tapping into how important and embedded the Street Fighter series is in today’s popular culture, Capcom is stirring up its fans for a fifth round while showing a little bit of next gen gameplay. We’re ready to Hadoken all the way until its launch.

What were your favorite trailers from The Game Awards and the Playstation Experience Leave them in the comments below!