Geir Ove Pedersen is one of Snapchat’s biggest and most talented creators. Based in Norway, Geir sees inspriation for his Snaps absolutely everywhere. Lately, he’s been working on a series of inspired creations with his Random People Project, where he imagines people in places vastly different from where they are.

He took time from his vacation in Denmark to talk to us about his creative process and how important it is for him and for brands to make that emotional connection to followers on Snapchat. For Geir, it’s all about putting a smile on people’s faces.


How did you get started on Snapchat?

It all started in an airport in the fall of 2014. As a creative person, I always try to image things that are new and interesting.

I had just downloaded Snapchat and was checking out what creative things I could do with it. I saw a person really bored waiting for a plane and thought he wanted probably to be another place right now. Then the idea hit me: What if i could make him be in another place From there, the Random People Project was born and my adventure as an Snapchat artist began.

What inspires you?

Everything around me does. It could be a certain song, a sunset, a weird shape, personalities and so on. I offen ask myself questions like: “What if ,” “Why is it like that ” and “What can I do with it “. Lots of play with brainstorming and different art mediums gives me a lot of inspiration.

Describe your process.

I always go for the Snap first. Then I use some minutes to study the image and brainstorm a couple of ideas. I make a quick sketch and if im happy I will make the final artwork.

Since you’ve started, what have you learned about working on the platform?

That I could make friends all over the world! People are so amazing! I have also learned even if you use really simple and basic drawing tools and combine these with a realistic approach, you can make really good drawings! Combine that with a good idea and humor you can make people really happy.

Do you have any tips for brands on how to engage folks on Snapchat?

Too many brands are just pushing out boring advertisements and content. In the long run that is not a good strategy on a social network like this. Treat your followers like they want to be treated by giving them fun, interesting and amazing content. Imagine if you show a friend a regular advertisement versus a funny advertisement. Which one can make you feel good Same with Snapchat. Make people feel good! Followers are your friends because they are interested in you and they love as much as you do to smile and have a laugh.

What brands do you dream of working with?

I would love to be working with brands that are interested in creating content that would amaze and surprise people, make people feel good and smile. I want to work with brands that really care about their followers and want to give them something special in return.

What are your personal favorite people to follow on Snapchat?

There are so many great personalities and artist all over the world. Its hard to pick some. If i have to name one of my favorites it would probably be Shonduras. He was one of the first Snapchat artists I followed and he has a great personality, too.