Those who have been talking about the return of podcasts and how brands could potentially leverage them need to pay attention to Halo 5‘s campaign.

Listeners have been tuning in to Hunt the Truth, a weekly podcast released each Sunday on Soundcloud {link no longer active} and iTunes {link no longer active}, paying attention for the next big reveal leading up to the game’s big release on October 27th. And boy, have they been getting psyched to look for clues about the story.

The episodes go in-depth on the lore surrounding Microsoft’s popular sci-fi shooter and is centered around an investigative journalist’s reporting on the character Master Chief.

Along with the trailers, the Halo 5 campaign has seen massive digital reach. Today, the Ayzenberg-produced Hunt the Truth podcast has hit 1 million listens on Soundcloud alone, now 3 episodes in. It is #1 on iTunes for video game podcasts and has been named by VentureBeat as the second most talked-about ad campaign online {link no longer active}. The #HunttheTruth {link no longer active} hashtag has been a popular one, too, as the storyline is ripe for analysis, throwing fans of the game franchise for a loop.

The resurgence of the podcast is indeed here {link no longer active}.