Despite some hesitation at first, Snapchat has become an immense success for both brands and users alike. But to what extent are people actually using it? Nearly 9,000 Snaps are shared by users every second, while around 54 percent of the userbase take advantage of the app on a daily basis, according to stats from Newscred originally published on Social Times.

Marketers are already planning big things for Snapchat in time for Super Bowl coverage, with 30 percent reporting that they intend to use the platform for marketing campaigns surrounding the big game.

When it comes to engagement, however, not all users are taking advantage of intended features by marketers, as 23 percent state that they don’t engage in live stories on the app; 54 percent never look at content on the Discover page and 42 percent don’t use branded filters to any extent with their snaps. Also, 32 percent state that they use it around two to five times a week.

And while ads may look like a big draw for the service, that isn’t always the case. The report shows that 87 percent never buy things they see in Snapchat ads, while 11 percent only “rarely” buy. Only 2 percent “sometimes” make purchases.

As for celebrities, they aren’t as big a draw either, with 64 percent of those surveyed stating they don’t follow any celebrities on Snapchat, while 34 percent only follow “a few.”

The big features for the app appears to be sharing of personal content, and marketers may still be trying to find a way to to effectively tap into that.


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