In an effort to generate new original content with an innovative format, internet celebrities The Fine Bros. have debuted a new React channel which will coexist with one of the biggest channels already present on YouTube. The comedy duo’s new channel will run programming five days a week and incorporate talent from all of their shows.

React will feature more than 100 cast members from Fine Bros.’s Elders React, Teens React and Kids React series showing people’s responses as they watch viral videos. The popular React series will continue to post twice-a-week on their main channel, which has over 9.3 million subscribers on its own.

“What drives us is what drives anyone: We want to create and share content with people,” said Benny, one of the two Fine Bros. to Variety. “We have a big audience, and the end goal is not just to make a living but to grow into a big media company.”

The company Fine Bros. Entertainment currently has 13 full-time employees based in Burbank, Calif.

The other Fine Bro, Raffi, insists the two Brooklyn natives still work “18 hours a day, seven days a week” working to launch new projects. “Instead of slowing down, we’re saying, How far can a company that could never have existed in the old system go ” he said.

Similar to other popular YouTube creators, the Fine Bros. earn a majority of their money through advertising on the site as well as from brand sponsors. For example, the company has created branded content for big-name companies like Universal Studios. While they declined to disclose their revenue, they did say their main channel accumulates more than 100 million views per month.

“We have a series that is something brands can be organically integrated into,” said Benny.

The Fine Bros. work with YouTube multichannel network Fullscreen and are repped by WME and managed by Max Benator.

Source: Variety