by Allen Weiner

Those who follow the overlapping worlds of online video, streaming services, live online TV, and all of its permutations have short (or perhaps selective) memories. The excitement over Verizon closing the mega-deal to purchase AOL is, to say the least, misplaced. Many believe VZ’s assets in the area of a live-TV platform (the one it bought from Intel), snazzy ad-tech platform (from AOL), and infrastructure pieces (which it calls Acquire) make it a sure-fire bet to launch a successful service to compete with SlingSony Vue, and others who want to place a bet on the video services roulette wheel.

The facts tell us that Verizon will face more than a few challenges in its attempt to innovate in the TV service space. Wait, Verizon already is in the TV services space with an IPTV product called FIOS. What’s this we hear, customers, partners, and municipalities are PO-ed at Verizon for not living up to its promises when given permission to operate in their jurisdiction When the biggest city in the US calls your service “an egregious failure,” what are you chances for goodwill in any future similar endeavors Seven years ago, Verizon promised everyone in New York who wanted the service they would be granted their wish. As many reports point out, that was an empty promise.

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