The Amazing Spider-Man ARG is in full swing. Here is a quick overview of all of the touchpoints. The mystery began with a backpack delivered to journalists. Inside, a variety of items, taken together, clearly painted a portrait of the bag’s owner: Peter Parker, the hero they call Spider-Man. Items included keys, tennis shoes, sunglasses, safety goggles, a chemistry textbook, pencils and a pencil sharpener, a protractor, screws, rubber bands, film rolls, contact sheets, urban-setting photographs, Daily Bugle newspaper article clippings, and a sketchbook filled with costume ideas and various equations by Parker attempting to figure out viable angles and trajectories for web swinging with maximum velocity. This delivery followed the trailer debut for The Amazing Spider-Man which contained a hidden message near its end. The words “The Mark of the Spider-Man” were hidden in metal webbing — a phrase that led to a new website: The site, which bears a Spider-Man insignia, contains six TV-like screens, all of which have static. There is a countdown clock under each screen as well, ending at different times today — with these city locations: Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Seattle. “So, you’ve found us. If you support us, if you support Spider-Man, now is your time. Follow the Twitter accounts of our operatives in each of these cities. They’ll tell you where to go to uncover the next step. For this pursuit we ask that you please be over the age of 18. Be safe, and good luck. We’re counting on you.”