Welcome back to another round of Mobile Game Highlights. There are plenty of great offerings this week, so let’s get started!

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (Activision, $4.99, available for iOS {link no longer active})

After making its return to game consoles last year, the twin-stick shooter Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions has now come to the App Store, marking the first time that the series has gone mobile since the original Geometry Wars Touch debuted years ago. This is a much more sophisticated sequel, with various stage types, power-ups, and gameplay tactics to master as players shoot for their highest score possible. Plus, online connectivity guarantees plenty of competitive leaderboard action — and that more than makes up for the affordable $5 price.

Kung Fury: Street Rage (Hello There Holding, free-to-play, available for iOS and Android {links no longer active})

Considering that the KickStarter based film Kung Fury has become a YouTube phenomenon (14 million views and counting), it should be no surprise that consumers also have a Kung Fury-based game where they can enable revenge on Kung Hitler and his army of vile Nazis. This side-scrolling beat-em-up features a simple control scheme, but also introduces a fun combo system, where skilled players can build up points chaining together powerful hits — thus creating a score that they can post to Facebook, so others may be challenged. The only thing missing from this game is a dose of David Hasselhoff’s “True Survivor,” which can be found below.


Blades of Brim (Sybo, free-to-play, available for iOS {link no longer active})

The latest endless runner mobile release from the creators of Subway Surfers has arrived, and it’s a heroic quest that shouldn’t be missed. In Blades of Brim, players take on an army of underline goons, utilizing a number of characters, weapons and techniques in order to send the enemy army packing! Featuring outstanding visuals, fun gameplay and reasonable in-app transactions (mainly for coins and a Start Pack), Blades of Brim is an easy recommendation — and Apple seems to think so as well, since it’s this week’s Editor’s Choice.

Hitman: Sniper (Square Enix, $4.99, available for iOS {link no longer active})

While gamers wait patiently to see if a new Hitman game is announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during E3 next week, Hitman: Sniper provides a suitable — albeit violent — way to pass the time. In the game, players portray the legendary Agent 47 as he takes out a series of targets in a stage, utilizing a specialized sniper rifle. The better shots he takes, the closer he gets to successfully completing each mission. Featuring a number of available weapons and scenarios, Sniper will put players’ shooting skills to the test.

You Must Build a Boat (Eightyeight Games, $2.99, available for iOS {link no longer active})

One of the most unique — and enjoyable — puzzle games to hit the mobile front yet, You Must Build a Boat is great fun for all ages. This sequel to the likable 10000000 gives players the opportunity to build a boat while traveling the world, and completing match-three puzzles in the hopes of continuing the journey and collecting new gear. Along the way, new recruits can join the sailing party, and dungeons can be rummaged for additional treasure. With a classy retro presentation and fun gameplay, this is one Boat that can hold its own.