We’re back with another round of mobile game highlights for the week, and there’s something for everyone, including singing and dancing, taking flight and goofing off with dinosaurs. Let’s get started!

Jurassic World Mobile MovieMaker (NBC Universal, free, available on iOS)

Although it’s different from the Jurassic World game that was introduced last week, the Jurassic World Mobile MovieMaker is sure to be a hit with fans of the forthcoming Universal film. With it, savvy consumers can actually implement themselves in photos and videos featuring dinosaur characters from the film, whether it’s being nearly attacked by a raptor or running from a pterodactyl. With a number of creatures to choose from, there’s no end to what kind of content fans can create — and it’s all free of charge, so everyone can download and enjoy.

Mickey’s Shapes Sing-Along (Disney, $2.99, available on iOS)

Although it’s aimed at kids, Mickey’s Shapes Sing-Along is an app that fans of all ages can enjoy. With it, players can listen to and sing along with songs revolving around different shapes, all while playing simple games that reinforce the content of the lyrics. While learning about new shapes, kids can also submit songs with karaoke, and have fun with music videos. Featuring a number of familiar and new characters, Mickey’s Shapes Sing-Along looks to be another big hit for Disney’s mobile division. And that’s worth singing about.

Let’s Go Rocket – Ultimate Endless Space Adventure (Cobra Mobile, free-to-play, available on iOS)

The endless flying game Let’s Go Rocket looks to be quite an addictive game from Cobra Mobile, forcing players to use their rocket-boosting skills as they avoid obstacles and try to fly the longest distance they possibly can. With out-of-this-world visuals and gameplay that’s easy to grasp, this game should have no problem, ahem, taking off. For good measure, there are also additional rockets available for purchase within the app.

Oddwings Escape (Small Giant Games, free-to-play, available on iOS)

For consumers who wish to take a more traditional means of flight, there’s Oddwings Escape from Small Giant Games. In it, players will control a number of different birds as they fly through trickily-designed levels, dodging obstacles and racing against friends for glory. Featuring a smooth touch-control system, a variety of birds to unlock and the ability to hop in to multiplayer sessions, Oddwings Escape soars.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 (Paradox Interactive, $4.99, available on iOS and Android)

The role-playing series Knights of Pen & Paper makes its return, with a number of new additions that both fans and newcomers alike will enjoy. This turn-based retro-style role-playing adventure features a number of characters, taking part in a traditional pen and paper style battle system. Players can pick and choose their battles, while taking part in finding hidden treasures, battling goods and interacting with characters that can provide upgrades. For those who like games of this type, it’s certainly something to enjoy.

See you next time for more Mobile Game Highlights!