by Jessica Klein

On YouTube, only some fans can count as your “top fans.” Thanks to YouTube and Google+, these especially devoted followers are not hard to pin down. If your brand has over 5,000 subscribers (and let’s hope it does, now that you’ve had the chance to read up on YouTube tips from the Playbook for Brands), the video platform offers a “Top Fans” tool. By bringing together your brand’s Google+ page and YouTube channel, you can explore the “Insights” and “Fans” features to learn more about your followers and better engage with them.

1. Show Top Fans New Videos First

There’s not better way to reinforce how much your brand’s biggest fans mean to you than to treat them like VIPs to your videos. Using Insights, you can share your latest content with these fans (by uploading privately) before it becomes available to the YouTube viewing masses. Comments on the privately uploaded video will remain behind VIP doors, too.

2. Ask for Their Personal Opinions

Your brand’s top fans’ opinions matter because they know your content well and they know why they love it. Also, though they may feel like and act like friends, they’re not in one important way—they don’t have to tell you whatever you make is grand when it’s…not. Ask them for their thoughts on your brand’s latest video, what they want to see more of, what they don’t like, etc. Their advice will help you make the best videos you can make for the demographic your brand has already established, and soliciting it privately (via Insights) will let the fans share their thoughts more openly.

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