Digital video has come a long way, particularly with original content, and its popularity is growing to overtake broadcast television this year. The IAB has published a new report that compares digital video with broadcast television, and details how consumers feel about them.

The main objective of the report, titled IAB Original Digital Video Consumer Study, is to take a better look at the market for online video content, what the audience gets from it, and how it differs from the general television viewing experience.

The report is quite lengthy, but here are a few general takeaways from it:

  • Monthly ODV (Original Digital Video) viewership has been increasing, with approximately 66 percent of viewers saying that, by watching ODV programming on a connected TV, regular TV viewing has been reduced.
  • 26 million viewers are watching ODV on a monthly basis, compared to 19 million back in 2013.
  • 62 percent of viewers prefer ODV over general television programming because of the ability to watch it at their own leisure, or engage in “binge” watching, if they prefer.
  • The largest audience group that prefers to watch ODV is made up of 18- 34-year-olds that are in the “cord cutters” group, at 55 percent. Following close behind are 18+ cord cutters/nevers, and 26 percent are general population folks aged 18 and up.
  • Ads that appear through ODV are most memorable with those in the 18-34 cord cutters/nevers group, by 48 percent, followed by 18+ cord cutters (45 percent) and general population over 18 (38 percent).

This chart shows the video format that’s most likely to be watched, as well as standings between ODV and regular television. ODV continues to be the popular choice, even eclipsing broadcast or prime time TV by a small margin.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.35.54 PM

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