by Jessica Klein’s “Prank It FWD” will return with its inspiringly sneaky antics starting today, when viewers can begin nominating people deserving of kind acts during the holidays. The digital campaign garnered over 30 million views since it came out with a number of “positive” videos this past April Fools, encouraging people to use pranks to achieve something more than a laugh. “Prank It FWD” will build on this concept during the second season’s launch this coming holiday season.

“Prank It FWD” partners with to draw attention to the problems of homelessness and poverty in the U.S. For every 1,000 views, will donate a dollar to the cause, along with an additional dollar for every social media mention and share.

Viewers can submit to the digital campaign at, which will feature original video from Defy Media’s, SmoshScreen Junkies, and Greg Benson. Further talent contributing to the campaign has yet to be announced.

“’Prank it FWD’ gave the world a dose of positive pranks and was overwhelmingly embraced by viewers, confirming our notion that positive uplifting messages have incredible power to connect and impact the lives of others in a meaningful way,” Barry Blumberg, Defy Media’s EVP noted. “The outpouring of support and positivity we saw from our first iteration of ‘Prank it FWD’ was inspiring, and it was clear that we needed to move the effort forward and go bigger.”

Past “Prank It FWD” pranks came from high school seniors and vloggers like Manuela Baron alike. The first season’s most popular video, “Best Shift Ever,” showed Chelsea Roff, a California waitress, receiving tips that went from $1,000 to all the way up to a new car.