Puma has turned www.puma.com into a site reminiscent of an old-school 8-bit video game. In ‘Run Puma Run,’ an HTML5 game, you can select a player from five options- the runner, the golfer, the footballer, the driver, and the cricketer. Collect as many medals as possible while running on a track while avoiding obstacles like hurdles and water puddles. Press the space bar to jump and use arrow keys to change lanes. ‘Run Puma Run’ comes complete with nostalgic Nintendo-like sounds, coin count, and hearts to indicate how many lives you have left.

Note that Puma isn’t an official sponsor of the Olympics, but if you look closely is the runner, who looks like he’s wearing a Jamaican jersey, supposed to be Usain Bolt, a Puma sponsored athlete And while golf isn’t in the Olympics, the golfer, dressed in all orange, looks oddly suspicious – is he Puma sponsored golfer Rickie Fowler, known for wearing all orange on the green The footballer is also a dead ringer for a member of the Italian team, also sponsored by Puma.