Did you hear about the former BuzzFeed writer whose parody Seinfeld Twitter feed got him staffed on Fox’s upcoming Alexis Bledel/Jason Ritter sitcom Us & Them?

This isn’t build up for a joke, this really happened. Since its debut in December 2012, Jack Moore’s comedic account @seinfeldtoday — which has over 630,000 followers laughing, including Jason Alexander (you might remember him better as George from the show) – has become an industry favorite for its perfectly pitched contemporary storylines for the ’90s sitcom.

Seriously, his mix of relevant Internet culture, paired with his well-executed depictions of the ’90s characters makes it a sensation. Here are a few samples:

“Jerry discovers Newman is secretly an Internet-famous fan fiction writer. George gets aroused reading 50 Shades of Grey, questions self.”

“George is briefly implicated in the latest Anthony Weiner scandal because his OKCupid handle is Carlos Danger.”

“Jerry’s vacation’s ruined by the stress of avoiding Breaking Bad spoilers. Elaine’s never seen the show, ruins a viewing party w/ questions.”

The attention that the account garnered the New York University grad, also an aspiring playwright and comedian in Hollywood, led to calls from managers and agents, ultimately, landing him the position on the Fox sitcom which appropriately revolves abound a romantic online relationship.

Given the content of @modernseinfeld, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise and didn’t seem so to Moore himself: “I was basically pitching storylines, which is a huge part of being on a writing staff,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Moore isn’t the first young writer to secure a sitcom job via Twitter.

Twenty-something Megan Amram joined the staffs of Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm, and, later, NBC;s Parks and Recreation after her popular feed got her noticed. Justin Halpern of Sh— My Dad Says actually secured a CBS sitcom based on his Twitter feed in 2010.

Us & Them isn’t expected to hit the schedule until midseason, but you can check out the trailer while you wait.


Source: The Daily Beast