Snapchat’s features provide a lot of room for creativity. The platform’s text, drawing and video features go beyond just the quotidien photo and filter choice. The fact that each message self destructs after viiewing also means you ought to create something memorable. It takes a lot of foresight and planning to make something worth watching.

Shaun McBride is something of an expert Snapchat doodler when he’s not a sales representaitve for snowboard companies. The 26 year old has just upped the ante for Snapchats everywhere. To follow McBride on Snapchat is like entering an alternate universe.

“Snapchat is such an incredible concept, it gives you the ability to take everyday situations and turn them into something hilarious by just adding some text or a drawing,” said McBride in a recent interview with Digiday. “I like being able to interrupt someone’s busy day with 10 seconds to open my snap and smile or laugh.”

McBride sees Snapchat as a way to go beyond just engaging with a brand’s customers– by befriending them.

“I have seen some brands use it effectively; others aren’t understanding the concept of having a personality and keeping things random and fresh. Snapchat is not about planned campaigns; it is about having a creative mind dropping hilarious content and interacting with its followers on the regular.”

Take a look-see at the sort of mind dropping content McBride creates below.





Source: Digiday