We’ve talked about YouTube’s top moneymakers in the past, as there are a number of areas where broadcasters and creators can amass a large audience – and make a fair amount of money in the process.

One of these areas is gaming, and for its latest video, ION has posted the list of the top ten gaming YouTubers, whether it’s posting walkthroughs or putting an original spin on their programming. The video is below, but we’ve posted a condensed list that gives you an idea who made the top ten.

In the number ten spot, KSIOlajidebt gets two to three million views a day, posting clips from FIFA and other sports games.

Number nine belongs to EIRubiusOMG, who covers a variety of independent and other titles, appealing to Spanish-speaking audiences. His personality certainly helps as well.

Just ahead at number eight is another Spanish-speaking YouTuber, JuegaGerman, whose walkthrough of popular titles earn more than four million views a day.

VanossGaming is in the number seven position, with over 500 million views of a month with a variety of titles being covered. That’s certainly quite impressive – and that’s just number seven.

The unconventional – and highly excited – Jacksepticeye comes in at number six, using his manic energy to bring in a large audience, with over one billion views overall.

Coming in at number five is TheDiamondMinecraft, who focuses solely on Minecraft shenanigans with two videos uploaded per day. The persistence is paying off, though, with over six million views a day.

At number four, MarkiplierGame, one of the veterans of Epic Gamer Voice, focuses on some of the worst games in the industry. It’s a good living, though, as he’s managed to achieve 100,000 new subscribers on a weekly basis.

Stampylonghead comes in at number three with over five million subscribers. Having two billion video views and counting doesn’t hurt either.

Another full time Minecraft creator, PopularMMOs, comes in at number two, with over 335,000 subscribers earned last month.

And, of course, coming in at number one is popular broadcaster PewDiePie, whose diverse content and personality has earned him over 100 million views on a weekly basis – and a paycheck that goes into the millions on a yearly basis to boot.