Although gamers are usually associated with PCs or consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, mobile gaming has had an undeniable impact on the video game industry by bringing in a huge audience of players.

A new report from Greenberg Inc., compiled by Think With Google, explains how a third of mobile gamers in the U.S. are defined as “avid gamers” that spend more than nine hours a week on average playing on their smartphone devices. Not only that, but this mobile group shows no restraint when it comes to sharing their love of gaming online, particularly on YouTube.

The report notes that, “Avid gamers are social influencers who tell friends when they find a game they like. These devoted players also are more likely to make in-app purchases, as well as rate and recommend their purchases.”


Based on the statistics, 64 percent of players share their love of mobile games with others; 83 percent spend some form of money on games (either with initial purchases or in-app goods); and 70 percent feel that mobile games can be intellectually stimulating.

This group also shows heavy engagement on YouTube, as the report noted that they access both their favorite mobile games and Google’s video channel several times a day. The two are connected, as those who look up videos on YouTube spend more time with games. An estimated 90 percent of viewers visit the channel to find tips for their favorite titles, as well as gameplay clips and discovering new games to play.

Turning toward discovery, approximately 64 percent of viewers download a new game to their mobile device after seeing some form of content on YouTube for it, either with a gameplay clip or information relating to the title. Google Search is also a vital tool for finding new games to play, as 71 percent of those who used the page downloaded a game after learning more about it.

In short, the more information there is about a mobile game–either through Google Search details or with YouTube videos–the more likely users are to discover the game and download it to their device. Greater presence on YouTube could definitely benefit mobile game developers or publishers if used properly, and could boost audience numbers, which could lead to more in-app purchases.