What did performing in a circus teach you that you have been able to apply to your YouTube career?

The amount of hard work I have to put in before I can see any results and I am talking YEARS! Also not giving up or be discouraged.

 What made you decide to create multiple YouTube channels?

I have passion for many things and I tested different types of content on my channel and quickly realized that not everyone would enjoy it. I had to separate the content.

 What are your goals with Operation: Moosh Clump, your fundraiser to create even more content?

Mainly to build a team of people to help me with production. Right now I do everything by myself mostly.

 We see you’re a huge gamer. What are your favorites?

The best game of 2013 and 2014 is still Far Cry 3 for me. I also enjoyed Bioshock Infinite and the indie game, Contrast.

 What advice would you give to someone looking to connect with an audience on YouTube? 

Be authentic and create content that makes YOU happy because it’s a lot of hard work and if you are starting off with content you are not into, you will burn out quickly and hate the process.